Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning is essential for local leaders to better understand the trends and needs of the Mount Joy Township community, guiding the policies and ordinances of the municipality.  The plan is used as the basis for land use controls such as the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision and Land Use Ordinance.  Mount Joy Township has participated in regional planning with Elizabethtown Borough, Conoy Township, West Donegal Township, and the Elizabethtown Area School District since the 1997 plan was adopted.

Our current plan was adopted on April 29, 2010.  An update to the regional comprehensive plan is underway and the working materials can be found here.

Regional Strategic Plan (2010)
Plan Appendices
Regional Strategic Plan (1997)
Addendum: Cloverleaf Road-Rt.230 (2006)
Addendum: Interchange Districts (2006)


Transportation Planning

Mount Joy Township has been involved in transportation planning since it spearheaded a study of the Route 283/Cloverleaf Road interchange in the mid-2000s.  At that time, the Township adopted a traffic impact fee in accordance with Article V-A of the PA Municipalities Planning Code, also known as Act 209.  This enables us to assess an impact fee upon new development within the Transportation Service Area based on the resulting number of new p.m. peak hour trips.  The current fee is $1,766 per trip.

Act 209 requires a participating municipality to update a series of studies every ten years to maintain the impact fee program.  The documents below were created in 2015-2016 to support the fee and provide more insight into Mount Joy Township’s transportation needs for the foreseeable future.  The Land Use Assumptions Report projects the amount and type of development expected to take place in the ten-year planning horizon.  Traffic growth and routing is modeled in the Roadway Sufficiency Analysis, and improvements needed to handle increased traffic are proposed.  The Capital Improvements Plan creates a budget for the proposed improvements on which the per-trip fee is derived.

Land Use Assumptions Report
Roadway Sufficiency Analysis
Capital Improvements Plan
Transportation Service Area

Official Map – Sheet 2
Official Map – Sheet 2A
Official Map – Sheet 3
Route 283-Cloverleaf Road Interchange Improvements (2006)


Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning

1998 Act 537 Plan (Maps)
2002 Plan Supplement (Maps)


Other Plans & Studies

Park, Recreation & Open Space Plan
GEARS Poplar Street Feasibility Study

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