Weekly Curbside Trash & Recycling Pickup Includes:

  • 3 BAGS/CONTAINERS OF TRASH, each weighing no more than 30 lbs.; extra bags only with a yellow tag @ $1.25 each
  • UNLIMITED RECYCLING MUST follow the new guidelines.
  • OVERSIZED ITEMS – up to 2 per week – with a red tag @ $4.00 each

Trash & Recycling Fees:  $140.00 for 6 months (billed December 1st and June 1st)

  • ANNUAL PREPAY DISCOUNT of $10.00 available only during with the December 1st billing.
  • SENIOR DISCOUNT available to those 75 years or older: $140.00 for the year (50% discount)

Extra Services

  • WOODY YARD WASTE COLLECTION (15 pickup dates – April – October) – up to 20 bags/bundles per pick up. Please follow schedule for dates and NO GRASS CLIPPINGS!!!
  • LEAF COLLECTION (4 pickup dates November & December) – Leaves only for these pickups.

The Township provides the brown Kraft Bags and Recycling Bins free of charge!

  • Christmas Tree Pickup – one day each January.
  • White Goods Disposal and Tires Collection Schedule– 2 pickups per year (Spring & Fall) – white goods tags ($12.00 each); tire tags ($1.50 each – limit of 10 per property)

Other Trash & Recycling Information

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Corrugated Cardboard dumpster – Cardboard is recyclable curbside, or you may bring in to the Mount Joy Township Building and use the large drop-off container. Either way, cardboard must be flattened.  No packing materials of any kind.
  • Cell phone recycling program: Bring in your old obsolete cell phones and place them in the designated recycling bin inside the Township Municipal Building. All phones charges and accessories are accepted.
  • Covered Device Recycling Act / Household Hazardous Waste: On January 25, 2013 the “covered device” disposal plan was implemented by the state.  No hauler is allowed to pick up and dispose of any “covered devices”.  These items must be taken down to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority located at 1299 Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster.
  • Commercial Recycling: Mandatory!  Mount Joy Township enacted an ordinance effective October 1, 2000 that mandates Commercial, Industrial and Institutional waste generators located in the Township to implement recycling of certain materials.

Dates for Trash & Recycling Special Pickup and Holiday Schedule – 2020

Should you have any questions concerning the Trash & Recycling Program, please call the Township office at 717-367-8917 or send an e-mail to Kristina Kirchner at KKirchner@mtjoytwp.org.

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