Northwest Region Comprehensive Plan – Public Input Survey

Mount Joy Township and our regional partners are updating the Northwest Region Comprehensive Plan – and your input is needed! Your feedback helps us understand the issues that are important to you. By responding to this survey, you will help shape the next twenty years within the Northwest region – and preserve the places and things we love about Lancaster County.


Link to Lancaster County Planning Department’s Survey Landing Page

The 5 Big Ideas

The Lancaster County comprehensive plan (called places2040) and the plan for the Northwest Region focus on five big ideas or goals:

  • Creating Great Places is all about making Lancaster County a place we’re proud to call home. We do this by keeping our communities safe and vibrant, but also by ensuring that our residents have options when it comes to housing, transportation, and jobs. Great places create a sense of belonging and serve as the backbone to our local economies.
  • Connecting People, Place, and Opportunity means connecting students with schools, jobs with housing, or workers with jobs. Our transportation network should also include more safe ways for people, bicycles, and public transport to get around.
  • Taking Care of What We Have is about preserving the things that make Lancaster County a special place: our farmland, natural areas, and urban places. We should also protect our farmers, support new and existing businesses, improve water quality, and maintain public utilities.
  • Growing Responsibly helps us to accommodate the growth we expect to see by 2040. Much of that growth actually comes from within Lancaster County. We need to grow where we’re already growing, limit large suburban lots in rural areas, and build more compact communities.
  • Thinking Beyond Boundaries is about doing things differently. Rather than looking at municipal borders as a barrier, we should see our communities as part of the bigger picture. Working together regionally is an important part of thinking beyond boundaries.
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